About me

Gender MALE
Industry Internet
Occupation Internet Stuff
Location Gzira, Malta, Malta
Introduction About six months ago, I decided to get a real job. Man, that was dumb. Actually, it's been fun, a new set of challenges and all that stuff, but I'm totally over it now. So, right now I just want to get out of here. But, because of the all mighty dollar and a misplaced sense of duty, I'm stuck for a little while. So, while I file away at the bars of my silvered cage (I don't get paid enough to live in a gilded one), I'll make these plans to entertain myself, and hopefully you.
Interests snowboarding, travel, climbing, reading/writing, food, random stuff
Favorite Books Catch 22, 1984, Touching the Void, anything by Lonely Planet, The Old Man And The Sea, No Logo, Guns Germs and Steel, Fielding's Hot Spots, The Hunt For Red October

You're going to the moon! What did you forget to pack?

Probably something rather useful like my toothbrush, moon boots, or alien repellent.