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Industry Education
Occupation Secondary teacher
Location Upstate--waaay upstate!
Introduction I am a secondary English teacher in a rural, upstate NY school district. My first 'blog, How Do We Tell Ourselves the Truth, is designed to support my students in a college-level humanities course it is my academic pleasure to teach. I recently added another, Crowding the Head Space, which serves as a spot where my immediate colleagues can join me in reviewing books, often in consideration of adoption for curricular or lending-library inclusion, other times just for the sheer joy of it. Contents of both sites are copyrighted, and you should keep your greasy little paws off 'em--unless, of course, you provide appropriate citation.
Interests Reading--text of all forms, people of all stripes, moments of all magnitudes.
Favorite Movies Lola Rennet, Amelie, O Brother Where Art Thou?, Chocolat, The Gods Must Be Crazy
Favorite Music Sigur Ros, both Jeff and Tim Buckley, Joan Osbourne. Jason Castro was my fav on the '08 idol.
Favorite Books A Prayer for Owen Meany, Montana 1948, Deadline, Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, A Dirty Job, Villa Incognito--some of these once read could change your life (as could so many, many good books...Damn! Where there but world enough and time...)

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

I dinna--she be silent from whar i fetch...