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Occupation Full Time Child Development Specialist
Location Indiana, United States
Introduction I'm a mom, a wife, a friend, a foe (if you do me or my friends wrong) a girl, a woman, a kid and a grown up, a person with an opinion which might differ from yours, a prude, a foul mouthed heathen, a comic, an emotional mess, a lazy slacker, an overachiever, a bit OCD with some ADHD thrown in, a hermit, an extrovert, an avid lover of silence, a lover of crankin' up her favorite tunes loud, I am open minded and dead set in my ways (until I change my mind), I am just like you and your polar opposite, I am...nowhere near perfect.
Interests Photography, sewing, reading (when I have the time), perusing various online bulletin boards!

Chicken monkey shoes?

Yes, of course.