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Location Anchorage, Alaska
Introduction The focus of my life is my kids, but here is some info about me. I am a flight attendant and have the wonderful opportunity to be on an extended leave due to the economy. So for a few years I am strictly a stay at home mom. I should be completely loopy by the end of my leave and be SOOOO ready to go back to work!! I am married to an engineer/salesman. It's like Ying and Yang. :) My kids rock... They keep me busy and always on the run. I think one day I am supposed to look back on these days and think "those were the days."
Interests Our family loves to play outside and we like for their to be sun while we play--is that too much to ask? The kids really enjoy going for bike rides, going fishing, going out on our boat. Really we like to do what our kids like, well except to swim, Drew and I are not so fond of swimming. :)
Favorite Movies Right now I watch a lot of kid movies and really I have a hard time choosing between one or the other. So let's see I choose the adult movies (oh get your minds out of the gutter, I am talking the movies that don't start with "Once upon a time".)
Favorite Books I am pretty sure my favorites so far are the Twilight series and the Janet Evanovich books. I love reading with my kids and our favorite is the Peter and the Starcatchers Series