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Introduction We dare you. Ask a stupid question about twins, and the answer is yes. We did all of them: Switched classes on teachers, pretended to be each other for a day. Mind-wiped multiple friends. Telepathically communicated with each other, discussing our opinions on the Energy Crisis and if Michael Jackson is really dead. We agreed switching it up with boyfriends isn't kosher, so we haven't-nor-will-do-that. Twins are inherently better than singlets, because it's always a tour de force, but the realm of singlets is fun to mingle in, unless the Ultimate-Singlet-Being (Flying Spaghetti Monster) is pursuing to destroy all twins, then we might have a problem. Also, the Olsen Twins aren't twins. They are clones. There is a difference.

What is the coolest thing you've heard about identical twins?