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Gender MALE
Location london
Introduction Well, there are so many things to write about one's self, but all are opinions of others or yourself. But in the end, everything settles on how you carry yourself in front of others and how they perceive you make the difference in either getting your dream job or marrying the person you like and love. I started writing this on my personal diary, and thought will put it here, since I have absolutely no clue what I should write here. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother writing this. What exactly am I writing... what I do or what I feel... Do I always write the truth? Do I only write the 'good' stuff and leave out the formidable 'bad'? Should I even bother writing the stuff that I do write and regret leaving out what I should? Anyways, I'll tell some basic stuff that others have written on their "More about Yourself" section. ME: down to earth person, since I cant fly Yet, I have to stay here. (Crapy joke), honest, loyal to those who are loyal to me, and friendly, respectful, intelligent...and overall caring. Goals: work somewhere on wall st., use my degree's to work and think of ways to make my money work for me instead of me working.
Interests Reading, Travelling, Music, Financial markets, playing Cricket and Table tennis
Favorite Movies Saving Private Ryan, Avatar, Apocalypto.
Favorite Music G N R, Nirvana, Pink Floyd