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Gender MALE
Industry Marketing
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Location Singapore, Singapore
Introduction Indian. Branding Ninja. No longer in College. Day Dreamer. GQ-phile. Mediocre films are an indulgence. As is trashy music. Fake accent pro (Or not). Sarcasm is my MO. Obsessed with my hair. Trench coat cravings. Advertising Junkie. Obsessive. Dreams in design. Told he's funny. Rambler. Random. I'm a recently graduated Business major and as you can tell I'm terribly interested in the Branding and Advertising industries and this is where I collate the work I've done over the years! In case you want to shout out or tell me I'm good (Ha!), I'm available at harshsethia12@hotmail.com

What would you name your ballet inspired by the sight of children leaping through a garden sprinkler?

"Mommy, I didn't wet my pants! - The Return of the Diaper"