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Gender Female
Location Alabama
Introduction Blow out my candles on January 1st and was not the first baby of the year. I am an only child which made me very independent, hardheaded, and stubborn. A true southern girl raised on grits, okra, homemade bread, traditions, and my heritage. Music can describe any mood I am in. I'm very organized but sometimes people don’t understand my organization. Love making people smile and knowing that I value the friendship that we share. Doing and saying random things is one of the most important aspects of me. Laughing out loud until my stomach hurts can change my whole day. Give back because one day you might need someone's help. Enjoy the simple things in life. Don’t claim to be perfect. I make mistakes but I learn from them. My family and friends matter to me more than anything. Take time to get to know me then you will see that I have one of the biggest hearts. Playing tennis is my new hobby. Mexican food is probably my favorite food. Reading books is wonderful. Taking pictures are the best and remembering the memories are pretty cool. I have more clothes and shoes than anyone I know. I love being me and my life..would not change's what makes me ...ME!
Interests God, my family and friends, playing tennis, dancing, hanging out, shopping, watching movies, Bubble Baths, any body of water, Sunday afternoons, Diet Coke, Target, taking a ton pictures, the color PINK and TEAL, my sorority Zeta Tau Alpha, hugs and kisses, warm smiles, clean clothes, boats, kisses on my forehead, holding my hand, parks, random road trips, VERA, rainy days, sunshine, roses and daisies, purple and gold, 5 POINT CROWNS, getting my nails done, going home, birthdays, laying out, late nights, laughing until my stomach hurts, reading, UNA Football, sunglasses, Coach Purses, pearls, and cooking
Favorite Movies The Ugly Truth, Gone with the Wind, Steel Magnolias, Dirty Dancing, Sex in the City, Step Up, The Notebook, Dear John, The Bucket List, Legally Blonde, Radio
Favorite Music Just about anything...literally.
Favorite Books Too many to name so here's a list of my favorite authors: James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham