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Gender MALE
Location Oregon, United States
Introduction Born and raised Oregonian. Loves reading, movies, music, and videogames.
Interests Video games, Movies, Music, a few TV shows (Lost; Heroes; etc.), Writing, Books
Favorite Movies 300, Alladin, Titanic, Any Pixar flick, The original trilogy of Star Wars (not the new crappy prequels), Lion King, Lord of the Rings (series), King Kong, Pan's Labyrinth, Indiana Jones (series), Transformers, The Chronicles of Narnia (series), Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, V for Vendetta.
Favorite Music Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock, Classic Rock, Punk Rock. Pretty much anything having to do with rock... I'll listen to it all.

Your superpower is that you smell like dandelions whenever someone lies. How will you maintain your secret identity?

Either live a life of solitude in my alter-ego (besides fighting crime as a masked hero) or becoming a gardener/florist (which seems pansyish, so I'll stick with the former).