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Location Australia
Introduction Mum to two little boys, I have my hands full keeping them out of trouble with some assistance from the king of the castle. We have one messy duck who is convinced that she is human and belongs inside the house. Two goldfish bear testament to the five second memory theory - every time someone passes by they go aha! here comes food, forgetting that they were fed only minutes ago. They add to the general chaos and happy co-existence at home. I'm working full time in the city and the commute gives me breathing space between 'work - work' and 'home - work'. My darling husband (DH) usually gives me a hand around the house after a little gentle coaxing (okay so some may call it nagging). In a moment of unbridled optimism, we decided that we'd build not buy a bigger house for the clan, and now this blog documents our journey as we wade through building nomenclature, recalcitrant tradies, sunny days, and a beautiful new home of our own!
Interests Reading (ha! - like I have the time), music, surfing (the web), and cooking up a storm.
Favorite Movies Gone With The Wind, My Fair Lady, Grease, Ghost (so, I'm old school), Pretty Woman (don't blackmail me) and a few others I cannot remember the names of. Probably tells you how old I am, or how my non existent free time means I haven't seen a good movie in the last decade or so.
Favorite Music Country, country and more country.