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Industry Accounting
Occupation it's not fun
Location a kitchen in greensboro, nc, United States
Introduction i'm fron nyc - brooklyn born and staten island raised. i love to cook and i'd say i probably get that from having 2 grandmothers who loved to cook. growing up in a family that was half puerto rican and half argentinian did wonders for my tastes. i had the pleasure of experiencing great meat and some great rice and beans. i still stay true to those dishes, fixing them the way that i was taught. simple techniques and great ingredients are the way to go. i don't like high strung dishes, i just want something good that doesn't take all day to fix. i don't always have as much as time as i'd like to cook but i try to do what i can in the time i. i love trying to make new things and i do set the bar for myself pretty high. i could spend the whole day in the kitchen(a long as im not cleaning it) and be completely content and ready to do it all again the next day. i love looking at other people's recipes, trying to compare similarities and techniques. i learn from others and hopefully others can learn from me. ultimately, my ideal goal would be to make a career out of preparing food. hopefully i'll get there soon.
Interests cooking, creating, traveling, reading, shopping, movies, music, health, knowledge, discovery, enrichment, new people, new places, new ideas/perspectives