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Industry Arts
Location Flagstaff, AZ, United States
Introduction I am starting up this blog mostly because I am severely afraid of the giant paper I have sitting on my desk. I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar 2 and generalized anxiety disorder, which are both super fun (so much fun that a little while ago I spent a week in the "psychiatric/behavioral health unit", or, really, just the mental hospital). The anxiety thing contributes hugely toward me avoiding that nice pretty, paper over there. Being bipolar, I have huge swings with productivity. I'll wake up one day feeling amazing, full of energy, and then for no reason I crash, and can't get out of bed. I am somewhere in the middle now, trying to stay productive but not manic. I have to get used to this weird gray area, where I'm used to black or white. So, here I am in the middle ground, trying to get something done, but that big paper over there is daunting. I have tried two times to start something and, kind of, hate both attempts, I think I am mostly afraid of ruining it - it's so pretty how it is. So, I am going to continue scribbling until, maybe one day, I'll move on to that pretty, clean, untouched, giant paper staring at me from across the room.
Interests art, photography, running, tattoo, drawing, painting