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Introduction I'm a 37 year old Mom to four boys and two girls. My youngest son was born with Down Syndrome and the many medical issues that come along with it. My lil man has congenital heart disease, lung disease, GI problems. He's survived heart failure, open heart surgery, a diaphragmatic hernia that collapsed his lungs, and he is currently battling failure to thrive brought on by the toll it's all taken on his little body, but he's strong and together we are learning to navigate the craziness and to revel in the beauty that is this life. This is Vincentio's story so far, far from over. It's not just a Down Syndrome thing. It's a Congenital Heart Disease thing, a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia thing, a myeloproliferative blood disorder thing, a G Tube thing, a "failure to thrive" but I'm Still A Survivor thing, and more than anything... It's about how one little boy can bring an aching family together and make them whole again.