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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Boat Charter, Dolphin Guide & Ocean Comfort Provider
Location Kailua Kona, Big Island of Hawaii
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Introduction Dolphins are my life, and I have been introducing people to dolphins for over 30 years. I own and operate a 28' Tollycraft cabin cruiser charter boat to go out to the dolphins We encounter the dolphins in their landscape, on their terms. My soft approach to watching and being with the wild dolphins demonstrates the deep respect and dedication I have for these People of the Sea. I consider dolphins my teachers and aim to learn something new on every trip. I love curious guests asking questions! It's remarkable that children are requesting to swim with dolphins in the wild instead of going to a captive facility. My vision is retirement and rehabilitation for dolphins now in captivity to life in come-and-go centers, open to the sea. I am learning what it may take to become WILD. Please join my project, my life, my adventure and come out to sea with me!
Interests I love the sea! ~ the waves, the amazing world below, and of course the dolphins! Dolphins lead me to consider the nature of reality, our leaky minds, interconnection, and creation.
Favorite Movies The Big Blue, and so many more inspiring, funny, insightful films
Favorite Music, who has given me permission to use her songs with my videos, which you can find on .\ and so many rockers from the 60's & 70's, as CSNY with harmonies, acoustic guitar, strong vocals and great lyrics...
Favorite Books non fiction mostly, about understanding and using our minds

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

When the alien dives into the ocean with me, our conversation is done and we meld into the world of the dolphins. I meet Aliens most every day, they live in the sea, have no hands or feet, are weightless, and have brains bigger than ours! They know more, live better, and are totally interconnected to their environment and each other. I love them.