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Industry Advertising
Location chicago, United States
Interests bee-keeping, coffee, lit, writing, editing, soccer/football, scales of 1-10, coffee, advertising, bridges, laundry, coffee, cooking, painting, coffee, the number one thousand, banjos, hummers, bison. coffee.
Favorite Movies me and you and everyone we know, brick, woody allen anything (almost), muppet treasure island, mysterious skin, noi, y tu mama tambien, all the real girls, northfork, intimacy, 9 songs
Favorite Music ghostface killah, sunset rubdown, ned colette, notwist, 13 & god, neutral milk hotel, destroyer, carissa's wierd, ms. john soda, two gallants, feist, neko case, sufjan stevens, gem club, sunset, mountain goats, tennis
Favorite Books city of glass, facts of winter, people of paper, our faces my heart brief as photos, some ether, days between stations, our ecstatic days, tristessa, girl with curious hair, a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, you shall know our velocity!, pirates! on an adventure with scientists, lolita, candide, it happened in boston?, tenents of moonbloom, perdido st. station, G, to the wedding, remembrance of things past, 100 years of solitude, love in the time of cholera, thomas the obscure, literature and the right to death, hopscotch, invisible cities, numbers in the dark, and our faces my heart brief as photos, black book, days between stations

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