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Occupation pen hustler
Location TN, United States
Introduction I hate doing what society tells me I should do - I treat my cat like my child - I love pickles - I smoke - I drink - I'm impulsive - You'll rarely see me in anything besides a t-shirt and jeans - I hate forced small talk - I never "fix" my hair - I have a weakness for candles - I can't remember the last time I took out my contacts - I love music - Beer and mexican food is my favorite - I can be manipulative - I suck at relationships - I can't cook - I don't floss - I can't see my life 5 yrs from now - I can love you one minute, and hate you the next - I save everything - I'm extremely paranoid - I don't speak to my mother - my dad is my rock - sometimes I have no idea who I am - I have a fake tree in my apartment - I'm Wiccan - I start things and hardly ever finish them - I sell pens for a living - I don't leave the house on Sundays - I love horror movies - I have one black hair on my chin that no matter how many times I pluck it, it always grows right back - I only have 2 pair of socks - I'm a masochist - I'm insecure - I keep everyone at arms length for fear they'll leave me - I'm scared my friends are going to put me on Intervention