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Introduction We are not traditionalists, though we sympathize with the movement. We go to the Novus Ordo Mass. Most would call us conservative/orthodox Catholics. We have researched the problems in the Church for years and believe the core problem is Ecclesiastical theology (study of the Church), which is related to these heresies: Indifferentism, Latitudinism, & Modernism. We don't believe that the human aspects of the Church were perfect before Vatican II but we believe that it is worse after it. We believe Vatican II is too vague in places and confusing on many issues but we don't think it is heretical.We accept the ruling pope, Pope Benedict XVI and reject sedevacantism. We are not members of a Feeneyite group or followers of Fr. Feeney, though we sympathize with his crusade of :"Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus". We reject his racist views or other uncharitable comments.