About me

Industry Government
Occupation Office Assistant II
Location AL, United States
Introduction I'm a working mom that loves her family. I have a very independant 2 year old (Kealy) and a sweet 4 month old (Dylan). I'm married to a great husband and father (Darrell)! We are getting used to having two kids in the house so some days we're pulling our hair out and some days are just awesome! I'm here to write about the ups and downs of parenting, family, friendships, weight loss and whatever else is in this crazy mind of mine!
Interests My interests are mostly my family and friends. Love to try new things. I like tatoos and plan to get more. Movies are always fun! I'm addicted to The Young and the Restless and MySpace! I wonder if there are support groups?!
Favorite Movies I'm a movie fanatic! My favorite genres are horror, comedy (from silly to romantic), fantasy, and drama. Some of my favorites are The Grudge, Talledaga Nights, Harry Potter
Favorite Music I love a broad range of music. Country, metal, rock, hiphop...I don't have a specific favorite.
Favorite Books Thriller/Suspense: Lisa Jackson, Iris Johannson, Dean Koontz. Anything that keeps me wondering who done it!