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Introduction We have been married for 6 years and are the proud parents of a very precious little boy and a sweet little girl.
Interests The MRI tech had said we would hear from the Dr. in a few days. Only a half hour away from the hospital we got his call. He asked us if we were driving and we said yes. I knew instantly that meant it was bad news.We asked him to please tell us. "We know the cause of your son's walking issues. He has leukodystrophy, a disease of the white matter of the brain." He said a few other things about how some are treatable and most are very serious and just by the way he said it, I knew the kind he thought Oliver had fell into the latter category. He also said something about scheduling for a blood and urine test to confirm which type he had and then the call was over. Within seconds I was on my iphone and I googled leukodystrophy. What I found was horrific, unimaginable. Chris in his shock managed to say "Is it worse than muscular dystrophy?" and I could only reply "Yes, much". We never knew a disease so awful could exist.
Favorite Movies Oliver can't sit through a full movie, but his favorite TV shows include Curious George, Go Diego Go, and Sesame Street.
Favorite Music Mom and Dad singing off key in the car
Favorite Books Oliver's favorite books include anything about firetrucks, Curious George and his all time favorite "Cars and Trucks and Things that Go" by Richard Scarry