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Introduction Ever quick with a self-deprecating one-liner, guitarist Brian Reilly told us, “Rock and roll appeals to people with problems. I guess in that case I am an expert.” The lead singer, Birdy Bardot, is an explosively dynamic performer that can be playful and flirtatious one moment and burning with indignation the next. The instrumentation’s lineage could be traced back to bands like The Jam, The Small Faces, or The Kinks, but with the veracity of The Who circa 1968. It is a rebirth of the Mod culture identity crisis, and it’s catchy as hell. Though unorthodox writing and clever subject matter are not usually well suited for swift, sharp, hard-hitting British-influenced rock music, the conviction and the driving rhythms of drummer Jon Bonser and bassist Leslie Schultze plow through pretenses and go straight for the vein with a level of intensity commonly found in a rabid fox. The group is small, well dressed, well spoken, not possessing an image of extreme danger, but their live shows are brutal onslaughts of firebomb pop music.