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Occupation Writer, wife, mother,cook, driver, maid, teacher, crazy lunatic ... and so on.
Location Winfield, IL
Introduction Who am I? Your guess is as good as mine. I've decided to start writing again, as not only a stress reliever and to find humor in my life but also due to the fact that searching high and low I could not find a blog or a lot of information on having twins AND a first born singleton. The world is very different when having twins and even more of a puzzle when it comes to adding twins to a family who has one baby to begin with. When my twins were born my son was 2 years 20 months. Fast forward to present and my twins will be two at the end of December and my eldest will be 5 come end of April. Where the hell has the last two years gone? I have no idea. Between figuring out this family of five thing and a move back across the country, life has been on one fast roller coaster with me hanging on for the ride. Now as the twins come into their own personalities and my eldest will soon be grouped in with an elementary "gang" I've decide it is time for me to come into my own as well. Taking the next year to start over and fulfill what wishes I have for myself and my family while sharing this journey with others through written words of humor and sarcasm, life's best medicine.
Interests Writing, yoga, food, my kids, my husband, reading, beauty products and saving money.