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Location Helsinki, Finland
Introduction Ichi, aka Mils, James, JustJack, Charly tai ihan vaan Milla :) ... I love everything gothic, sweet, lolita, retro, punk, rock... Everything!(well not everything xD)When it comes to my hobbies, I refuse to grow up. I do not get tired, bored or sick of very easily, if I fall in love with something, I will keep loving it forever. I make jewelry and other stuff, I LOVE and collect old toys, I just started to collect BJD's, I love music and movies, I want to become a photographer (right now I just have an over-priced camera, but I don't know how tho use it properly, can someone teach me?), I love to draw and create with my hands. I want to keep learning new things and meet new people. Oh and animals, I love animals :D So how about you? :3