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Gender Male
Occupation Volunteer Business Management Consultant
Location Kololi, Gambia
Introduction Having traveled to the Gambia twice before, I took an immediate liking to the country and more importantly its people. In November 2013, during my last visit here, I knew I wanted to return to share my knowledge and skills with the local people to further their development. After doing some research I came in contact with a number of Dutch foundations doing work here, and came here to advise them on the progress of their projects along with opportunities for improvement. Since then I have not only been active for them, but have met some interesting people along the way who I am advising on marketing, business strategy, and operational management. Working in Africa is a challenge, the mindset and culture is very different from Western Europe. By being here I am also being challenged constantly to think out of the box, forcing me to push my own comfort zone. I am not only sharing information and helping others develop, I am also developing myself in the process.

Do you ever hide in your closet and pretend to be a Greek warrior god?