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Gender MALE
Introduction I am someone you wont see anywhere around. I dont have interest in playing with friends, talking rubbish and trying to be funnier with not so funny jokes. wasting time gigling, having dumb talks and ADJUSTING for people i dont have any respect for. I am easily satisfied with the very best. Any one can talk to me on any topics related to love,friendship,ME,...etc. and now breakup too.haha. I belive we are here to grow and learn. I have the very unusual habbit of thinking what new did i learn in past week or month. And when i find nothin, i had only tp with friends. That feeling annoys me the most. I continue to feel very lucky because There isnt a thing or incident in my life on which i tell people "DONT TALK ABOUT IT" no matter how much ever embarasing it is. I always have a reaon which is valid. I generally like to get close to people way fast than they expect. And love happens only once. IF its true one. ( out of the topic..) haha. I just talk anything. But i am not always serious. I do have coldrinks and i do talk rubbish and crack jokes..but that is not my identity..
Interests I have interest in writing about things which are unaware to people in general.
Favorite Movies no interest.. whether it is srk, jhonny depp. i hate them all.hehe
Favorite Music ~any~
Favorite Books "book" word is turn off. otherwise i have interest in the content of few books.

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