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Occupation Writer, gun bunny, accidental satirist.
Location Dallas, Texas
Introduction I'm a functionally alcoholic writer and gun nut. I love weaponry, strong booze, good food, and women that say yes. A former paratrooper, I served in Iraq with Eco 51st LRS. I miss being being a soldier, around soldiers, and doing the job everyday of my life. I do not miss the fucking Army. Fuck a whole bunch of that bullshit. This blog is where I will post my thoughts, feelings, and random musings on the subjects that interest me. For those who are just meeting me, I am a work in progress, but maybe not as much as I once was. If you think I'm a mess now, you should have met me a couple years ago. There will be a lot on here about guns, knives, and self defense. I love and respect dogs more than I do people. I support gun rights, knife rights, gay rights, and my right to shoot people who abuse dogs in the face. I go back and forth with women's rights. Just kidding. Lighten up. I have precious few morals but a real strict code. If you can't wrap your head around that, just go ahead and fuck right on off.
Interests Weaponry, self-defense, cooking, booze, women, dogs, Anarcho-Individualism, warfare, poetry, and literature.