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Introduction As you have probably guessed, I love food. I love to eat and I love to cook. How did it all begin? Well, for starters, from my mom. She used to cook elaborate spreads for family holidays, waking up at 5am to start. I used to watch her, learn from her, and try to help her. As I grew up, my mom let me add some dishes of my own to our family gatherings. Then, I moved away from home. I shopped for groceries, bought my own kitchen wares, and created my own sanctuary in my kitchen. At times, I would have memories and cravings for my mom's cooking. Attempting to recreate the flavors and feelings her food brought about, I would constantly call or email her for the recipes. And of course, like me, she doesn't always use one! Then there is food tv. So many ideas, techniques, ingredients, styles, all inspires me. Finally, there's travel. My kitchen is defined and inspired by the places I have been and the wonderful people I have met. Every time I taste something new, my mind ponders the endless creations that will come to life in my kitchen. Come on! Let's eat!