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Introduction Both a Palestinian and a gypsy by choice, Sousan was born in an ex-pat colony in Saudi Arabia and raised in the wooded suburbs of southern United States – in Houston, Texas (though she prefers it to be called Tejas.) She now lives in the northern Palestinian town of Nazareth.Why Nazareth, you ask? Well, living in Ramallah — a concrete cesspool dampened by political tourists, NGO’s, and the Palestinian Authority mafia — was like trying to paint a giraffe, or like trying to establish dialogue between the intellectual and the fisherman, so she did what any terrestrial person would do and fled to an overcrowded village where street signs are in Arabic and store signs in Hebrew. It is here that she writes. This is her life as she sees it today. But if you want to understand her without having to read an unconventional biography, I suppose, then, you should look at the articles she has written in the past:
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