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Occupation Entertainment Industry
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction 'One More Bite' - of good food and life in general is 'all' I crave!
Life's too short to spend living in the 'if only' Though I'm on a budget - there's always a way to do what you love if you're willing to be creative. I balance my wallet and palate with deals, prix fixe & happy hour menus and feed my inner hopeless optimist with sweepstakes. I love new experiences, and free events, especially those that make you feel like you're travelling without ever leaving the city (for those times when I can't actually afford to go anywhere). Kindred souls - see my finds here and at my Get More Bites Outta Your Budget, Daily Specials and Upcoming Events pages. Enjoy!
Got something to say? Email me: onemorebiteblog (at) gmail (.) com
Interests Food, movies, pop culture, new experiences, creative experiments, travel whenever I can afford it, anything that seems like fun