About me

Location Weirsdale, Florida, United States
Introduction Still figuring out how to do this! Just got out of hospital yesterday to have a procedure to hopefully make me STOP having all these baby strokes ( or TIA's depending on how big and damaging they are!) I was having trouble thinking straight and maybe this will have fixed me! I keep forgetting where I set up a Blog Spot at and hopefully I will remember now!
Interests Hand Embroidery, sewing, cooking, baking, reading, watching the ID channel (and a few others)going to auctions, thrift shops & yard sales
Favorite Movies Moulin'Rouge, My Best Friends Wedding, The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, All of the Fast & Furious movies, and quite a few more that escape me at the moment
Favorite Music I'm stuck in the 70's like some of the 50's & 60's and Piano Music, especially : George Winston
Favorite Books Angela's Ashes, 'Tis, All of Catherine Coulter's FBI Series and quite a few of her period novels.Many others