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Occupation Gato Rancher, Photographer, Designer
Location Nature Coast, Florida, United States
Introduction I'm a photographer, artist, jeweler, bone collector and naturalist living in the deep-country on the Nature Coast of Florida. A cat and dog whisper, broken wing and heart mender, angel of mercy, and animal saint. Just trying to make myself a better person daily.
Interests Exploration, Curiosities, Oddities, Bones, Archaeology, Taxidermy, Voodoo, Santeria, Day of the Dead, Antiques, Artifacts, Insects, Scars, Museums, Geology, Natural History, Shrunken Heads, Native American Cultures, Fossils, Holistic Medicine, Botany, Beachcombing, Teeth, Bone Collecting, Art, Cats, Sea Life, History of Medicine, History of Tattooing, Circus Sideshows, Human Anomalies, Animal Anomalies, Human Abnormalities, Nature, Animal Abnormalities, Outdoors, Urban Myths, Animals, Hoaxes, Eros, Momento Mori, Morbid Humor, Anatomy, Anomalous Creatures, Scientific Instruments, Medical Instruments, Memorial Photographs, Photography, Skulls, Roadkill, Horror, Science, Space Travel, Music, Pickled Punks, Nail Festishes, scrimshaw
Favorite Movies Delicatessen, Better Off Dead
Favorite Music I live for it and photograph live shows. Check my links to see my work. Also, I'm for hire!
Favorite Books Death Scenes, True Crime, Foresics, Car/Train Crashes, Human/Animal Abnormalities, Sideshow/Circus, Spontaneous Human Combustion, Urban Myths, Medical History