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Introduction Tommy is a professional rock climber, I take photos and keep Tommy and Fitz alive and well, and Fitz just might be the cutest kid ever (totally unbiased opinion). Tommy and I met at the end of 2010. We became fast friends and after 6 months of friendship he invited me to his favorite playground, Yosemite National Park and revealed to me that I “intoxicated” him (what a romantic). We knew there was something special between us after 10 pitches of climbing up The Freeblast on El Capitan. Just 13 months later we vowed to be each other’s forever and life hasn’t slowed down since. We’ve been bouldering in South Africa, crack climbing in Indian Creek, big walling on El Capitan, exploring unclimbed domes in China, been blown around down in Patagonia, and wandered around Europe. Our biggest trip yet has been adding our son to the mix. Fitz was born April 7, 2013 and has been dragged along on our somewhat unconventional journey. We hope to instill in him a love for adventure and life and open his mind to the world around us. Follow along with us as we navigate making our own path through life.