About me

Introduction I've been doing ninjaHELL! since 2006, and do it at Anime Conventions in the Central Texas area. Yes, I do eat, sleep, and breathe bad and weird films. When I'm not doing or preparing for ninjaHELL!, I'm an avid enjoyer of traditional and video games, an Anime and Manga fan, and a costume maker.
Interests Anime, Women, Manga, Card Games, Battle Spirits, Board Games, Pen and Paper RPGs, Costuming, Cosplay, Women, Rocky Horror, Jewelry Making, Bad Movies, Bad Educational Films, Accidental Racism in the Media, Women, Giant Robots, Pasta, Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, Women, ninjaHELL!

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?

No, I believe God told the spoons that they weren't good enough, and that they'd better adapt if they wanted to get anywhere in life.