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Introduction I'm one of those, what-you-see-is-what-you-get kinda gals. I've been told I'm sweet, kind, funny & genuine. It's rare if you ever see my ugly side, but if you do, then it's for a good reason. I like to make up my own mind about people & things. I don't like two-faced gossipers & trash talkers. Don't talk to me about other people in a negative way, because I will tune you out & I will lose respect & trust for you. I like everyone right off until they give me reason not to. While I may like you right away, it does take time to earn my trust. I hold all my friends close to me. Those that are true friends, I hold very close to my heart & those that are just casual friends, I keep at a comfortable distance. If you have been my true friend long enough, then you know I consider you family. I love being a wife & mom, first & foremost & the things that follow are being with my friends, shopping, reading, movies & learning & experiencing new things. I should note I am a strong Christian. I love God with all my heart & I try to set a good example for others, especially my Daughter. I am not perfect & have many flaws, so if you catch me in a flawed moment, try to understand...