Elizabeth van der Merwe

About me

Occupation Student
Location Cape Town, Western Cape Province
Introduction I was a Biology and Physical Science Teacher (Secondary School)for about 17 years. I also did open an Ice-cream shop and manage it for about seven years. Currently I am a student in the process of improving my research skills and learning a lot of bran new skills.
Interests Marine Biology, Diving, Collecting stamps, reading, TV programmes: National geographic, Discovery, Animal planet, History Channel, Persion cats, Helping other people.
Favorite Movies The day after tomorrow, Earth, Titanic, basically any kind of Scientific movie worthwhile to watch. Cartoon movies.
Favorite Music Gospel music, Light Classical music, "Tranetrekkers" like Koos du Plessis, The Blues, Jazz music, BUT NO Heavy Metal!
Favorite Books About Science, Nature, Human Physiology and this year I have learned to appreciate Srephen J Gould's books, Serendipidity, etc.

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?

No,absolutely not, because until now I have not heard or read about any person that have fallen of the earth!