About me

Gender Male
Location Texas, United States
Introduction ((low awesome theme music starts))Boozsha was my gnome mage from Everquest. This was were my zeal for gaming started. I've played several MMO's since then all have been different in many ways. The one thing these games have had in common is they have all held a character named Boozsha that explored the vast worlds. ((music gets more awesome))Now Boozsha has become more of an online persona or avatar for me. My interest have moved on from MMO style games to console RPGs. These are my thoughts on the games I play, and the chronicles of my journey through these online worlds. ((the pinnacle of awesomeness of all theme music songs, it makes your heart burst and your eyes tear up all at the same time, you want to take up arms and slay monsters or sniper with a head-shot while whole empires fall to rubble or two alien tentacles caress each other for the first moment in history)) Welcome to The Boozsha Chronicles!
Interests Gaming!!!!! A little of real life, and a little bit of gardening. Other than that no other interest.