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Occupation SAHM
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Introduction Hi I’m Melly, a fun and also creative mom of a 5th grader! Yaya and I have I’m sure the normal 5th grader to mom relationship….we fight, hug, talk and battle over cleaning her room and getting chores done. When we’re not fighting we do a lot of projects together and support each other in our creative ideas. We use each other’s energy to get the most amazing things done! I’m Yaya, and I’m two months to 11yrs old and life is great….well as great as it will get for a 5th grader. I deal with all the drama like every other fifth grader, mean boys …drama girls and of course the never understanding mean mom….sorry mom! I love you!….but let’s face it moms don’t understand us girls. My dad considers me an angel who never does anything wrong, but moms always knows, lol. I am very creative and love experiments. My newest project is creating a green screen for my video productions and my last was making slime. I like to dance, act, sing and make things. Small things big things messy things loud things it don’t matter what it is as long as it’s creative. I’m shy but once I get to know you I am fun and talkative, maybe a little bossy but that’s because I like to be in charge.
Interests Drama Tweens, Girls, Girly stuff, Natural Hair Care, Natural Skin Care, Multiracial Families, Biracial Families, Parent Child Relationships, Mother Daughter Relationships, Creative ides, Curly Hair, Culture, Family, Styling Hair, Hair Accessories, Learning, Meeting New People who share similar interests, Accessories, Products, Product Reviews, Giveaways, Green Living, Experiments, Singing, Dancing, Fun, Videos, Networking, and A LOT More!