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Gender Female
Occupation retired lawyer, full time homemaker, new mom
Location Philippines
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Introduction They don't offer a degree on life, on being a mother or being a wife. I'm lucky I have great examples and resources around me, so I'm learning as I go along. I like writing notes. I like making lists. I like scribbling on margins. I have notes in my head that are waiting to be written and scrapbooks that I've yet to put together. And even more recipes to try and sewing projects to get done. I like taking care of my family but sometimes it stresses me out. So I constantly remind myself that I don't need to be perfect, but just be the best person I can be. I like to keep things organized (or at least try to keep things organized). Hopefully this blog will help me do just that. :-)
Interests taking care of my family, hanging out with Luke18, reading, lately home decorating, walking tours, checking up on my lil brother Joseph, browsing in bookstores, grocery and window shopping, eating, getting a massage, making lists, taking strolls, travel and making travel/getaway plans, catching up with friends, making and keeping traditions
Favorite Movies American Beauty, Dan in Real Life, Dead Poet's Society, Juno, Life is Beautiful, Little Rascals, Mona Lisa Smile, Monsters, Inc., Moulin Rouge, Much Ado About Nothing, Somethings Gotta Give, Unbreakable, V for Vendetta, West Side Story
Favorite Books Coelho's the Fifth Mountain, Hosseini's The Kite Runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns, Mandino's The Christ Commission, Gaardner's Vita Brevis, Hesse's Narcissus and Goldmund, Paulus' Hope for the Flowers, The Little Prince, To Kill a Mockingbird, most of L'Engle, some of S. Silversteins, Kreeft and CS Lewis for reference