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Introduction is easy to be a great dad....merely BE the kind of many you want your daughter to marry or your son to become... ---4th gen gulf coast kid---father of 3 great kiddos--- brother to many---good friend to many and GREAT friend to a select few--passionate lover of the outdoors, great coffee, greasy food, gut-touching-soul-stirring music and literature...a simple man...
Interests ..this blog is all about my new book...DIVORCED DADS' RULES FOR RAISING RELATIVELY STABLE KIDS and it is all about lessons learned (through execution with excellence and execution for which I should have been executed) as a divorced dad raising two kiddos...they are grown now and they are solid citizens so we did learn some things along the way...i hope that my learnings will help some other divorced dads (or moms) execute with excellence along their path as parents...this book was originally intended for parents of divorce BUT has been claimed to be (by many readers) THE book on parenting---divorced or not...if you know somone who is a parent or if you know someone who is going to be a parent or if you know someone who has ever had a parent or if you then please go to and pick this book up for them...if we can, collectively, help just one kid on thsi planet to have just ten minutes of a better life then we have created ripples in the pond that will continue forever----- ia m now blogging for the housotn chronicle at the following URL:
Favorite Movies Raising Arizona, Shakes The Clown, Big Fish, Young Frankenstien, O'Brother Where Art Thou (great music), Employee of the Month, Il Postino, Mary Poppins, Princess Bride ("frenches fried" as my kids called it when they were young), the original Jungle Book (Great Music), Chocolat, The Maltese Falcon, Brothers Solomon, Color Purple...
Favorite Music My son's guitar, any Blues all the time, Tom Waits, Allman Bros, SRV, MTB, Leon Redbone, keb mo, local (Houston) singer/songwriter talent, "The Branch"( Hip-Hop from SpringBranch, Texas--my nephews band), old country n western, john prine, townes van zant, joe ely, guy forsythe, classic symnphonic--especially Rodrigo, Dvorjak, and Beethoven---B.Marley and the list goes on and on and on...
Favorite Books Everything that Gabriel Garcia Marquez has ever written (I'd read a menu if he wrote it), Joseph Campbell "The Power of Myth" (probably THE most important book that i have ever read), Bijoy Goswami's "The Human Fabric", everything written by the following: Balzac, Hugo, Rushdie, Okrie, Clemens (Samuel not Roger), Gibran, Rilke, Joyce, PJ O' Rourke, James Hillman, James Hollis, Angelou, The Bhagavad Gita, Dr. Seuss and of course "ME"...

--what are you doing today to make the world a better place---