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Gender Male
Introduction I work (and play) all day on the computer. Play the piano, mainly southern gospel-style by ear. Read a lot, and watch at least one hour a day of Australian Master-Chef. :^)
Interests Computers, Piano, Reading and Movies. The profile photo is my wife and I both, holding a book by a friend of ours, pen name of G. A. McKevett.
Favorite Movies Galaxy Quest, Toy Story (all), The Wizard of Speed and Time, Indiana Jones. Others as they occur to me.
Favorite Music Oldies, old TV theme shows, and southern gospel music that makes your toes tap. Also, a random assortment of eclectic styles and songs.
Favorite Books Sherlock Holmes, Zelazny's Amber Chronicles, Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Nocturne for a Dangerous Man, and many many more.