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Gender MALE
Occupation Translator
Location Ontario, Canada
Introduction Please note: I've moved to a new home at Please come visit me there for recent posts! I'm a professional translator with an interest in trying to make homemade versions of foodstuffs people usually buy, whether they're as simple as bread or complex as frozen dinners. I also have an abiding interest in exploring the meaning of "Canadian cuisine." In his book Stanley Park, Timothy Taylor breaks cooks down into two categories: Crips and Bloods. About Bloods, he writes: "Blood cooks were respectful of tradition, nostalgic even. Canonical, interested in the veracity of things culinary, linked to 'local' by the inheritance or adoption of a culture, linked to a particular manner and place of being. Blood cooks liked sweetbreads and pot-au-feu. Bloods ate tacos, bratwurst, borscht. They used lard and as much foie gras as they could get their hands on." That's a pretty good summary of how I feel about food.