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Introduction Ben and I met in 2002 while working at Publix. The two of us have now turned into us plus Russell and Brandon, Waya and Harley, and hopefully another Hill Baby in the future. I am a nursing student and can not wait until I can finally say I'm a Nurse. I started blogging when I was pregnant with Brandon; it was mainly for a few friends and family, to keep them updated on what was going on with Baby Hill. Since then, blogging has turned into something I love, more so because I love reading everyone else's blogs than because I like to write on mine...The lack of posts should tell you that! We have an ordinary life, and we try to enjoy every minute of it. Things change, things stay the same and we just try to keep up. This little blog is my way of remembering as much as I can (more frequent posts would mean more documented memories Lindsey!), and if you enjoy reading about our mundane lives, well bless your heart for that!