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Occupation Model
Location Los Angeles, CA, United States
Introduction I'm a Fetish and Nudie Model from England, currently residing in LA. I can be found pawing the ground in industrial noise rooms and performing at fetish events in the US. I have freckles and grey eyes. I have a great ass for a European. Model Mayhem : Deviant Art:
Interests Tight-lacing, Latex, Painting, Modelling, Designing, Partying, Nudism, Spanking, Lipstick, Sunglasses, Long Nails, Lingerie, Nipple Tassels
Favorite Movies One flew over the cuckoo's next, The Secretary, Fight-Club, The Royal Tennenbaums
Favorite Music The Prodigy
Favorite Books Vogue is a book sort of.

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?

Is this a sex question?