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Gender MALE
Occupation Missionary
Location Seattle, Thoughtful Contemplation, United States
Introduction Having known nothing but a "Christian Household" for the majority of my life, I was insulated. I was schooled at home. The marketplace of ideas sold us only one product. Public education, highschool and college, have helped me to see a broader extent of our world, but at a price: I now must encounter doubt. I doubt you'll ever know how much I doubt. I was recently told this was a worthwhile venture, which tells me there is hope for my psyche. I also dream and hope, but as it turns out, the far easier pursuit is simply to love. Therefore, I do. And this text field apparently does not support formatting so forgive me that this is simply an ugly, massive, single paragraph. I can only do as I am capable.
Interests Asking questions, hiking/camping, community and fellowship with others, Settlers of Catan, and playing/listening to music.
Favorite Books The Bible, The Giver, the Foundation Series, Ender's Game, and many many others.