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Introduction I was the ugly girl at school, not because I had a big nose or eyes that were too close together - but because I didn't care. I was too busy being good at history and music, drawing and going to church, to care about relaxing my hair or being the 'pretty girl' at school. At 13, I was constantly being 'asked out' by boys I just wasn't interested in. I mean, I was 13 for goodness sake, come back in a few years time boys and I will be more than ready. At 16 I had long hair and the type of body and pretty eyes that boys liked; my education suffered as a consequence. At 18 I stared university and hated it (still do), I failed my first year, (kind of) and had one of those 'I know who I am now - fuck everyone else' moments. And here I am, at 19, writing this blog.