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Introduction I am Umm Umamah homeschooling mom of 4 who I like to call my Lil Muallims as they teach me how to teach them as their needs and moods change. I have been homeschooling for almost 11 years (8 years consciously and 3 years unconsciously :) ) I LOVE to HOMESCHOOL with all its fun and difficult days. I am a Muslimah (Alhumdolillah), a teacher, an artist and a graphic designer. My favourite pastime is making fun stuff for my kids. Be it flash cards, worksheets, wall charts, models, mobiles....... I could go on. But most of all I like to do this to help them become good muslims who think and reflect about their existence and Allah's wondrous creations. Subhanallah. This blog is to share all that with you for THE SAKE OF ALLAH. Barakallaho feekum Umm Umamah