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Occupation Woman, Mother, Wife, Student
Location Metro Detroit, Michigan, United States
Introduction Hello, I am Shayne, a 30 somethings Michigan woman. I am married to a British born Serbian and we have two beautiful children; a daughter and a son. I am a stay at home mom and student. I don’t claim to be a professional chef or a writer, I often misspell words, mistype words, and punctuation…well I don’t worry about it for this because this is for me. I do this because I love food and I love to cook and I want a record. Cooking is my relaxation and pastime, I do it for me and I do this blog for me, for my love of food, cooking and to keep a record of what I have tried, or may want to try or what others try that looks interesting. Most of the time I am posting on this blog I am at the end of my day and already laying down and very tired, ending my day with food. What could be better! Other then food, cooking and my family I enjoy painting, reading, browsing other’s food blogs, drawing, yoga, Pilates, foraging, hiking, and visiting new places.
Interests Cooking, food, yoga, pilates, my kids, Painting, foraging, for wild foods, hiking, biking, food blogging, food blogs, mushrooming
Favorite Movies these recipes and photos are mine unless I say otherwise and I ask that if you post them anywhere that you give me the credit and post link to my site.
Favorite Music Something Fresh, Daisy May
Favorite Books any cookbook