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Gender MALE
Location Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
Introduction I like to share my opinions on music with other people. I write mine down because I like it when people do the same for me. If you're here looking for MP3s don't bother, I don't have any here. You know how to find them, and I don't care to help you do so.
Interests Music, Drums, Stainless Steel, Crispin Glover, Black Fucking Metal, Efficiency, misogyny, blasphemy, culinary arts, innovation & creativity, exploration.
Favorite Movies Happiness, Shark Skin Man & Peach Hip Girl, Gummo, Garbage Pail Kids, Liquid Sky, Holy Mountain, Santa Sangre, Rushmore, Eraserhead, Dead Alive
Favorite Music Anal Vomit, XTC, Morbosidad, Watain, Seignur Voland, Pluxus, Return To Forever, Beherit, Kraftwerk, Orthrelm, Devil in a Woodpile, Jane Monheit, Lugubrum, Pink Martini, Univers Zero, Namanax, Flesh Parade, Fannypack, Merzbow, Revenge, Sortsind, Senor Coconut.
Favorite Books BURN ALL PAPER

The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?

I will pretend to be asleep as I have pretend narcolepsy. and I sleep standing up.