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Industry Arts
Occupation artist/writer/musician/programmer
Location Los Angeles/Chapel Hill, California/North Carolina, United States
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Introduction I'm a rocknroller with a heart full of napalm. Dyed in the wool dirtbag, lovin' on too many things to recount and way too passionate, intense, and blunt for most people. Honest and appreciative, I let my people know how I feel about them. True 'til death, loyal to a fault, sworn to protect my family (my few blood and my friends ARE my family). These shitkicker boots are stained with blood and all my stitches have been earned. No time to mess around, life's too short and Death don't care how cool you are.
Interests Art. Fashion. Vintage. Writing (poetry/prose/journalism/reviews). Music (playing & listening) Lead singer for .38 Gauge. Lead singer for The Brand. Ex lead singer for The 'Fits, Phoenix, AZ.
Favorite Movies Alex Cox flicks. Aronofsky. Jarmusch. Lynch. Harmony Korine. Scorcese. Burton. Godard. Argento. Miike. Selections both broad and deep, and a particular love of documentaries.
Favorite Music ask, but- The Stooges, Dead Boys, Blue Cheer, Rubber City Rebels, Motorhead... Chopin, Mozart, Stravinsky, Brahms punk rock, rocknroll, classical, old soul, motown, I like some of almost everything, and let's put it this way-in 45's alone I have over 20, 000.
Favorite Books Charles Bukowski, Celine, Baudelaire, Burroughs, Jim Carrol, Rimbaud, Wilde, P.K. Dick, William Gibson, again this is kind of like the records, I read CONSTANTLY.