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Occupation mom,artist,photographer
Location WI, United States
Introduction I am a midwestern girl-Country girl at heart! I am a married /mother of 1 high energy 5 year old-who is the light of my life! Paint has marvelous properties! ;) I love life, being around positive people,helping those in need, I get revitalized after ''creating''- ART makes me feel alive. I love animals & children,music ,summer,cold beer & wine,and ART. I adore my family! As a kid I was the one in the family that had to help, rescue or devote my time to stray animals or neglected, as well as wild life in need. A friend has joked that I have wild life in need on speed dial.:) As I grew up I knew I wanted to be a teacher- and I had a special feeling about helping the lost, quiet children and/or the ones that needed extra help--the ones that tend to go un-noticed.I have worked with blind, autisic and angelmens syndrome special needs children to name a few. I LOVE mixed media-and art-when I can get an hour alone, I long to get MESSY!!!I aspire to someday be able to take my love for art,photography,children,animals and music and share it with the world~to enjoythe process and make a little money so that I can be home for my only~
Interests photography, painting, mixed media, illustration