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Occupation disability services site manager
Location jamaica plain, ma
Introduction i believe in niceness as a political act. i will try to use capital letters in my blog entries, but after so many years writing things that look oh-so-punk-rock, it doesn't come naturally to me. i grew up in indiana and have a tenuous combination of midwest pride and gratitude that i don't ever have to live in that state again. my current gender identity is "high femme. low maintenance," but i am trying to think about whether the language of high femme is a judgement. i am deeply committed to creating queer spaces that support women and femininity. this looks a lot of different ways, but some of what i want is for all of us to think really consciously about how our genders interact with misogyny, how our desire interacts with misogyny, what women we are supporting and what women we are not, and why and what that means and what that looks like. i still use words like misogyny and patriarchy all the time. i know it's not cool anymore. but, until they are abolished, i will keep calling them out.
Interests celebrity gossip, anarcha-feminism, fat liberation, boundaries, dancing, fatshion, manifestoes, riot grrrl nostalgia, anti-oppression work, vegan baking, fake meat products (other than fake shrimp), randolph country club, being sober, gofugyourself.com, femme solidarity
Favorite Movies i prefer tv on the internet: grey's anatomy, project runway, the riches, 90210, top chef, degrassi, and, you know, pretty much anything else
Favorite Music team dresch, excuse 17, the weakerthans, pearl jam, the coup, kelly willis, jo dee messina, huggy bear, other things that remind me of the mid-90s
Favorite Books venus of chalk by susan stinson, push by sapphire, this bridge called my back: writings by radical women of color edited by cherrie moraga and gloria anzaldua, teaching to transgress: education as the practice of freedom by bell hooks, exile and pride: disability, queerness, and liberation by eli clare, fat!so?: because you don't have to apologize for your size by marilyn wann, how to be a domestic goddess: baking and the art of comfort cooking by nigella lawson, truth and beauty by ann patchett

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

Thank you so much for liberating me! I was so fried from too many at-home bleachings where you fell asleep and didn't wash me out promptly! You are so much cuter and smoother and better shaped now!